Deta 10W 940lm Grid Connect Smart LED RGB CWWW Downlight (DET902HA)

Product Image

Sold at Bunnings in Australia. Model number DET902HA.

Flashing requires opening the inline driver (hence, exposure to line voltage), and soldering wires to the TYWE2L board inside. Flashing via tuya-convert is NOT tested. Assumed to be affected by New PSK format - Issue #483.

Colour temperature advertised on the box as 3000K for warm white, and 5700K for cold white.

GPIO Pinout

Pin Function
GPIO04 Green brightness
GPIO05 Red brightness
GPIO12 Warm white brightness
GPIO13 Blue brightness
GPIO14 Cold white brightness


  • Open the driver by removing the four screws on the terminal covers, and then unclipping the back plate
  • Solder wires to the IO0, Tx, Rx, and GND test pads on the back of the TYWE2L board.
  • Easily flashed using esphome-flasher. Connect both GPIO0 and GND to GND on your USB-UART bridge (Puts device in flash mode), then Tx and Rx as required. Power the device up (CARE to avoid the live voltage lugs, traces, etc), and hit flash.
    • The device can also presumably be powered from a suitable USB-UART bridge by also soldering to the 3.3v pin (labelled as such) on the board, and powering from the bridge. This avoids having to plug the device in at the wall for flashing, and hence removes the risk of exposure to the line voltage. Not tested.
  • Once flashed, desolder the wires from earlier and re-assemble the device.

Basic Configuration

  device_name: "master_br_light_1"
  friendly_name: "Master Bedroom Light 1"

  name: ${device_name}
  platform: ESP8266
  board: esp01_1m

  ssid: "ssid"
  password: "password"




  - platform: uptime
    name: ${friendly_name} Uptime

  - platform: wifi_signal
    name: ${friendly_name} Signal Strength

  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    pin: GPIO4
    id: output_g
  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    pin: GPIO5
    id: output_r
  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    pin: GPIO12
    id: output_ww
  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    pin: GPIO13
    id: output_b
  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    pin: GPIO14
    id: output_cw

  - platform: rgbww
    color_interlock: true
    name: ${friendly_name}
    red: output_r
    green: output_g
    blue: output_b
    warm_white: output_ww
    cold_white: output_cw
    cold_white_color_temperature: 5700 K
    warm_white_color_temperature: 3000 K