Arlec FL052HA Security Flood Light

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The Arlec FL052HA security flood light is part of the Grid Connect ecosystem and is sold at Bunnings in Australia.

As of the time of writing, versions 1019 or 0320 can be flashed using tuya-convert, however if it is version 0520 OTA flashing will not work.

You can check these versions by looking at the bottom left of the Arlec product plaque. See below examples;

1019 0320 0520

  1. GPIO Pinout
  2. Getting it up and running
    1. Tuya Convert
  3. Configuration

GPIO Pinout

Pin Function
GPIO14 LED Light (Monochromatic)

Getting it up and running

Tuya Convert

As the flood lights do not have any physical buttons, you will follow the same flashing method that a Tuya Edison or Bayonet bulb will follow by turning the flood light on and off three times. This will cause the flood light to start flashing indicating you have entered pairing mode.

  • Connect and disconnect power from flood light three times.
  • Flood light will start flashing - this indicates the device has entered pairing mode successfully and is ready to see tuya-convert.
  • Follow tuya-convert flashing procedure.


# Basic Config
  name: fl052ha_flood_light
  platform: ESP8266
  board: esp01_1m
  ssid: "SSID"
  password: "password"

    ssid: "fl052ha_flood_light"
    password: "password"



  password: "password"

  password: "password"

  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    pin: GPIO14
    frequency: 1000 Hz
    id: pwm_output

  - platform: monochromatic
    output: pwm_output
    name: "fl052ha_flood_light"